"Great weight loss " tips

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"Great weight loss " tips

Why most people fail to lose weight permanently ,I think there's something go wrong in their "weight loss"plan , So I write this article:

Make your decision:
"weight loss" isn't so hard as some people think,but why most people fail??..Lack of motivation is one of the most important factors that make people fail.. There are many programs which are very good to you but you must check them before your final decision.

Lack of motivation isn't the main factor lonely,but the correct combination between healthy diet and physical exercise are the corner stones in this program.

Take a pen and write your plan in a white paper and put it in every place at your home, in the kitchen ,bed room,at a refrigerator door,…etc

And always ask your self why should I "lose weight"??..to be more healthy ,lives better feel confident,and then you can wear clothes you like!!!!

Healthy diet:
You should first choose plan that fits you and make you more comfortable and always remember the great "weight loss" plan is to eat the right food at right times not only to decrease the amount you eat..

Eat food with low calorie but you shouldn't eliminate fat from your diet..if you do ,you won't "lose weight" but you may should eat some fat because if you don't consume fat at all, your body thinks you're starving and tends to store every ounce of stored fat and thus you don't" lose weight"..you can review "if you don't eat fat ,you won't lose weight" article

Then eating vegetables that are low in calorie and rich in fibers, natural food show you are in the right way…

Also, you should avoid starchy foods like pasta,bread and potatoes,

Eat at regular times at the day and not in the evening as the metabolism slow down at night..

There's something most of people have no idea about it ,water..

Water is absolutely essential to our well being

"Proper water intake is the key to" weight loss"," says Dr. Donald , Scottsdale, Arizona. "If people who are trying to "lose weight" don't drink enough water, the body can't metabolize the fat, they retain fluid, which keeps their weight up, and the whole procedure we're trying to set up falls apart."..see H2O IS THE BEST


Exercise is very important in combination with healthy dieting,to become more clear with you ,any "weight loss program" don't include exercising isn't good at all..but it doesn't mean you spend hours a day In a gym,only select an exercise plan that fits your life style ,walk more,climb up the stairs,…etc

Rules of "weight loss" :

It's very important to review this article very carefully on my blog

Finally,Go and do it , yes you can, that's awhile and you can change your life ,be persistent, be patient and don't give up until you can reach your goal
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  2. erato // June 10, 2009 at 9:17 AM  

    I came from my doctor (dermatologist) recently and she evangelized a bit about green tea! She says it's a powerful anti-oxidant as well so two thumbs up to this tip of yours -- green tea = great benefits :)

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